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Nadia De La Vega

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Leaf to Cup: Learning about Tea

Update March 28, 2016- 
Last week my class finally reached 500 students!! So excited :)


My name is Nadia and on Feb 21st I published my first class 'Leaf to Cup: Learning about Tea'

 In this class students will to learn how amazing loose leaf tea is! From where its cultivated to how to steep the perfect cup. We explore the different types of tea, harvesting methods, and the fun part - tasting and pairing!

I had tons of fun working and developing the content for this class and am really excited that it's finally live!

Within the first day I was able to reach my first milestone! I couldn't believe it and it was all thanks to my family and friends who enrolled in the class. So, that was my first step in getting my class discovered.

As soon as I published my class I reached out to my friends and family - through social media (facebook, twitter) but most importantly through personalized emails and whatsapp msgs. I knew that if I wanted my friends to enroll it would be more effective to let them know through personal emails or text rather than expecting them to click on a random facebook/twitter link that could get lost in their feed. I think this method proved more effective, because while people liked the post on fb not a lot of them clicked on the link to enroll.

Once the class was trending I kept reminding friends and family about enrolling and letting other's know if they like the class. As Megan explained, skillshare is based on meritocracy not on popularity. My blog doesn't have a huge following, but I am extremely passionate and dedicated about sharing content about tea and food and making this information easy and accessible.

My class now has over 350 students!! I couldn't be more happy and grateful. I really hope everyone is enjoying the class :)

I know I have to put more work into sharing my class in other platforms and that's what I will be focusing on now :)

Thanks for this awesome experience and space to share this!


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