Leaf Landscape

Leaf Landscape - student project

Olga, thank you for the class, it was very inspiring!

I made my painting over several days. For some layers I let them dry naturally, for others I used fan heater to hurry up the process of the drying. I am trying to be more patient, so I remind myself that it's good to have time away from a project and see it with fresh eyes.

I liked that Olga didn't fuss over shapes, just went for an overall impression - this is what I am wanting to get better at, so I can relax and enjoy the process.

I watched the lessons several times then started my painting. I managed the sky and mountains on the first day. One the second day I put the first row of trees in. On the third day I started with the next set of tress but made them too close to the first set. I knew if I continued I would end up completely hiding the first set of trees, so I left a gap in the middle and added a couple of "trees" to the other edge of the leaf.

Leaf Landscape - image 1 - student project

I started on the flowers as Olga suggested by adding soft dabs of colour. Then once dry I added another layer of stronger colour. I was dabbing with the brush and hoping the splodges looked flower-like. For the branches I loaded a pointed calligraphy nib with watercolour as I knew I could get a finer line.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my first leaf and I really enjoyed the class.

Leaf Landscape - image 2 - student project

Annie Mathews

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