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Leaf Grasshopper

I started the project thanks to a friend that needed a logo for a social media company....  So I thought of an interesting animal that is called a Leaf Grasshoper. This animal is usually seen as good luck in my country. So I thought to give it a try.

First of all I went into the moodboard phase, googling around the web for different types of photos.



Until I found this one that appealed to my design intentions.

Then I started doing some sketches in order to see the curves and to see what I could accomplish with it. I really did more than 40 sketches since I had a hard time drawing the legs.



Finally I grab one of the sketches and to tried to give it a shot at illustrator.

I really focused on doing different ilustration and playing with different colors in order to see the shapes and contrast of the animal in white.

I did some linear animals and some mosiac type grid animals. Then I played around with different colors.


In this case I played with smooth curves and gradient colors to see which one was the preferred one.


Then once they liked the green linear one, I made different amount of curves in order to see which one would be the preffered one.


They liked the one with more curves and the white lines, so then I made different green tones to define the design they where looking for...


And then they chose the fist one with the more vibrant green colors.


A really interesting project that helped understand how simple can you convert a photo into a real cool design.

Thanks for the lecture George... very appreciated and I really learned a lot from it.

Joseba Barriola


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