Leadership (still working on name)

Concept: Developing Leaders through Identity/Purpose

I'd like to create a platform that is focused on developing leaders through Purpose. So many times we see people pursuing goals and success; that are driven but have not taken the time to just sit and learn who they are so that the energy and efforts can be directed appropriately. I believe that True success is rooted in Identity, the purpose for or which one was created. Often it takes a peeling off of layers/masks/social norms, and going through the paiful process of character development and a "death" experience to learn our true (individual) identity and therefore, Purpose!

*The firey process that burns away the layers of false paradigms (a dying) to reveal who we truly are and in the process develops our character like a diamond or gold in the refining process.

Heres a bit of a piece I wrote to reflect my process:

I’ve died a thousand times, and once again on yesterday!

Life says to me that I have no right. With every blow everything around me screams “get back,” “You have no Right to dream or to have a Promise.” It says I have no right to be me, to feel Me, to laugh without pain, to twirl without shame. To be Different! Peculiar! Extraordinary! And  GOD took my hurt, pain, shame, vulnerability, frustration, weakness, and nakedness and stretched them to the MAX and just when I thought it was over, that I was going to die, I did!!! And was revived, and died again, and HE revived me again!!! Excruciating, Searing, pain. Then HE bandaged my wounds and now I call them battle scars. He took my ailments and bundled them up and turned them into Intimacy, Compassion, Humility, Wisdom, Joy, LOVE!

LOVE, not a fluff word.

Love is the Ultimate Power!!!

Love Shatters norms and Transforms!!!


Social Media and Public Speaking

Target Audience:

People that believe that they are called to some form of leadership or those already in leadership positions but need  and want to be developed and are willing to go through the process.


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