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Leader of the True School-"Always be true no matter what you do"

There is a lot to be learned from entrepreneurs like Biggie Smalls. American Gangster Frank Lucas had a profound influence on the way that many people envision their approach to business. In 1996 Fat Joe told us “Hustlin’ is the key to success”. And since that time we have all seen Ultimate Hustlers and Apprentices alike, realize their fair share of glory. Even Enron and Wallstreet showed America that the only limit that business knows is governed by the stretch of one’s own imagination. The word hustle is often used to express hard work. And no business can be a success without hard work. But the word hustle also implies something more criminal. The word Hustle is more commonly used to describe a business scheme dependent upon a "fall guy/consumer" buying into an idea or product that siphons wads of money out of his wallet and into the "hustler's /company's" pocket. In an era of shiesty business practice and worldwide corruption I feel a business commandment based on truth and transparency is long overdue.

My commandment is ...."Re-Re-Re-Remember to -"zigga-zig scratch"-al-always be true, no mat-"zip"-no mat-"scratch"-no mat-"cut"-no matter what you do". I believe the lyric was spoken by Phil the Agony while cut and scratched to perfection by World Famous Beat Junkie DJ Babu for the Dilated Peoples song "You Can't hide,You can't run." On top of being a masterfully produced song accompanied by raw vocal samples, the song also inspires truth and the importance of transparency. Rakka and Evidence eloquently explain the importance of being true to your self and others and how that honest energy feeds the environment you work in. This ties into every aspect of business. Whether you're selling cars, clothes or real estate."What matters most is the sustainability of your product and your intentions behind making that product". If your word is your bond your customer base will always know where you stand.

Dilated Peoples as a brand is as true as any company could hope to be. They have a reputation for building their music from true elements, employing real, analog DJ'ing, honest, from-the-heart verses and guest-appearances from only the truest MC's in the field. Though I'm not a rapper or a DJ, I draw inspiration from a group who sticks so steadfast to the motto of staying true. That is why the lyric resonates with me enough to turn it into a business commandment. It's obvious that they walk it the way they talk it and that motto got them where they are. As a loyal customer of their product, their music, I believe in what they preach, because I know they also make it their practice. In my opinion, every business entity should be so transparent. And I want to model my company after the same ideals.
Staying on the cutting edge artistically, making my own trends, and making sure my true self is represented in whatever I do.

In the age of You Tube and Facebook customers, users and consumers are realizing how their personal style can impact the world. As a result fewer and fewer people are looking to big corporations to introduce products they need. They're deciding for themselves. The vinyl toy industry has exploded from merely providing customers the opportunity to do what they want with a premolded blank canvas. Graffiti writers used to be the only people with the scope to envision the entire world as their blank canvas. Now that the savvy of the common consumer has been raised, this idea is widely accepted. Letting the people take over seems to be the truest way to honor your customers. Personal customer involvement with the product appears the most sustainable outcome for any mass produced item. Allowing the opportunity for the customer's aesthetic to shine through the use of the product you offer is about as honest as business gets. My grand vision would be to inhabit a warehouse-style storefront similar to Ikea where customers could order an item with a look of their choice. There would be a multitude of styles and graphics to choose from, but the customer wouldn't be restricted to what was available. They could mix and match colors and patterns as they saw fit to satisfy their personal style. If they wanted the product blank they could have it blank and be free to design, colorize or decorate it as they saw fit. Originally I saw this idea as being only suited for clothing, but the more I thought about it... why not furniture, cars, living interiors. Everything can be customized.

So, leave it up to the people, they know what they want. There's no real sales pitch needed. With all the tricks 86'ed it's time to build! Build the look and feel you want, that is. With the help of your favorite manufacturer. The favored phrase used to say "build it and they will come." Today, letting them build it means they are already invested. As a business, you just have to provide the platform.

My name is Josh Betsey and this is my Business Commandment.


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