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I fell in love when I was only four. That was the day my father took me to my first dance class. In that moment, I was captivated and spent the rest of my childhood dancing and dreaming. It is a love affair that has stood the test of time.

Determined to pursue this dream, I moved across the country, away from family, friends and all that was familiar. I quickly discovered that it was going to take a lot more than talent and heart to make it. It would require passion combined with perseverance. The two combined awakens that small, but strong voice deep inside of you that says “yes,” when everything around you is saying “no,” and says “go” when it would seem more logical to quit. It is the very thing that fueled a fire within me to passionately pursue my dream, even after getting turned down time after time.

I continued to dance and my perseverance began to pay off. However, when you truly love something you want to share it with others. And so it was not enough to simply dance, I wanted make a difference. I wanted to touch people with my dancing, to inspire dancers and non-dancers alike, and show them that with patience, perseverance, and a positive attitude in difficult times, their dreams could become reality.

As I traveled across the country teaching and sharing my passion with students, I began to realize that something was missing.  Many of them lacked an awareness of what it really takes to make dreams become reality. Most had no idea that passion alone would not get them to their destiny.  I wondered what I could do to inspire others to follow through, to push beyond and achieve their goals. Then I read this quote: ..."Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality." And that was it … Fashion!!!

I truly believe that what you wear is not only an expression of who you are, but also who and what you can be.   My goal is to help individuals interpret and speak their reality through fashion.  And so, "Le'Splash" endeavors to inspire and impact people through powerful yet simple messages inserted through fashion, spreading messages of positivity, love, art, and fearlessness that encourage individuals to passionately pursue their dreams.


 We feel that clothing should be an extension of yourself and above all, it’s a way to express your individuality, to show the world who you are. It’s a visual form of your personality, of your thoughts and believes. Le'Splash’s motto is to "Make a splash!” All of our fashions have a notion behind them—making them more than just piece of clothing but fundamentally a wearable piece of art with an incredible uplifting message.


Le’Splash is also committed to ethical fashion. Ethical fashion goes a step beyond the socially and environmentally conscious. It encompasses sustainable fashion, Eco fashion, animal rights and cultural concerns. In short, we aspire to make a difference in this world on multiple levels through the art of fashion.


Dancing will always be my first love but inspiring others to passionately pursue their dreams with all that is within them, and looking good while they do it, is what Le’Splash is all about.

It’s time to “Make a Splash!” 


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