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Le Zèbre

Hi Everyone,

Thanks Meg for a great tutorial and a simple yet great little project! It was back to basics but I have learnt a lot and the project really helped me consolidate what I got from the lesson!

I'm not sure why I got started on a Zebra. I've got a little girl at home and we have children books scattered everywhere. I'm always looking at the illustrations. One of my favourites is by Junko Yoshida, it shows animals and objects and labels them in French and in English.


I thought I could try make a zebra with geometric shapes. I started to play with shapes but it didn't look right. So I searched google for pictures of real zebra and found this one:


This helped me finalised the illustration and gave me the idea to use triangles rather than lines for the stripes.

I wished I had saved my work at different stages now so I could show you how the zebra took shape (ha ha) but, hey, next time (I'm looking forward to lesson 2 now!). For now, I only have the final version to show you. I might be tempted to do another two animals and hang it in my daughter's wall!


By the way, the font is a font I created using another great SkillShare tutorial. It's available here. Thank you for reading this far! Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear what you thought!

Update: I've been back with 2017 fresh resolutions to keep up with my craft! I've updated the image to the latest file. I'm uploading my latest doodles on https://www.instagram.com/gaelle_design/


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