Nora Patterson

Wannabe Illustrator



Le Parfum Pour Moi!

I may have spent a little bit too long searching for a vintage Ad. I found a few that I liked and finally chose this one to replicate: 


It has smiple lines and shapes and I felt it would be a good learning experience. After I started and got about 70% finished, I saw that someone else had already worked on this poster and that it's not actually vintage. The artist is Kate Sampson. She is a graphic designer with a great vintage style. I was a little bummed to see someone had already recreated this poster and done such a great job, but decided to keep going.

I started with the top layer of shapes and worked my way to the other layers. I forget to pay attention to what layer I am drawing the shapes on, which can cause problems, but I'm learning to watch that. I used the Pen Tool for most of it. I don't think I had ever used the Pen Tool before taking this class. I loved it. I used the Shape Tool a few times for the hair and the perfume bottle:



I used the Eyedropper Tool to get the colors as close as possible. Once I got all of the shapes down I adjusted the layers and fixed any lines or curves that didn't look right.


Then I finished with Text and Texture: 


This course was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for Looking! 


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