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Le Critters

EDIT: The image does not appear to be showing up... at least not for me so... just in case it's being weird, here.

Hello everyone! Decided to snag access to this project!

My original concept for this guy was some sort of bird, maybe bipedal, maybe quadropedal, as per the first image in the top left. But he very quickly morphed into something completely different.

After doing some thinking and looking around my room I realized that I've always wanted to make a heavier set sort of creature, with a gorilla-like stance and very large hands.

I used some objects and statues in my room for inspiration, but the fins quickly morphed to feathers, and I think I really like the look of the feathers more than the fins, and they fit better as well I think. I figured they could be used for display purposes, both for courtship displays, in-group communication, and predator threatening.

They're herbivores, maybe very possibly scavenging omnivores, but I fifugr ethey were high to mid-level browsers, using their trunk to strip leaves from things.

I still didn't feel satisfied with the head design though, and I've always found the tusks of pigs and elephants facinating, so I decided to throw som elements of that in. I'm leaning towards the dual set of tusks, but I'm not 100% set on that yet. I'll do some more doodles and some more concepts either later tonight or tomorrow, but this is what I've got so far. My brain really likes this critter.

So feel free to offer any suggestions and advice! I'm here to learn!


Since I'm wanting the creature to have feathers I decided to use a cockatoo as my study.

But you have no idea how much I hate painting. I hate, hate, hate, hate it! Painting is the most horrible thing in existance, and I give up on the damn study. It ain't worth it. I don't paint, I draw, that's it. I don't grasp color, and I really do not enjoy the process of struggling with it either. Photoshop brushes aren't helpful either, I don't understand them, and the class video made it look so damn easy. -huffs- I shouldn't have even attempted it because now I'm upset. Feel like I'm not good enough to provide the expected work and that's painful.


Onwards from the evil painting!

Turns out the bird was entirely pointless anyways, decided to leave the feather idea behind and go with something more mammalian. I think it looks better anyways, and I really like the manes of zebras soooo. Zebra mane~

The final head design I've settled on is th eone above the zebras.

I'm still debating on leaving the nose tusks out for the females or just making the other tusks longer in the males. I'm leaning towards removing the nose tusks out on the females.

Also decided on the areas of their body that have short fur will have a texture similar to the tapir, but areas that do not have any fur will have texture like the Babirusa. The Babirusa is also w hat their tusks are from.


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