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Le Chat Noir

I might be over-extending my drawing skills here, but I LOVE this poster. There's just something about it, even though it's kinda famous.

Here is round one. I've built most of the major shapes, have not even started on the lettering yet, but it's already looking pretty awesome. There's no texture here, and I knw I have to add the contouring, but I'm pretty darn proud of how it looks so far. The Blob Brush is definitely a near and dear friend on this one, although I started out just using the pen tool. I need to work on the lattice-work around the cat's head, but I'll probably have to find a higher-resolution image to work with because the image I'm copying from is really hard to see when I zoom in that far.



Ok, so I did all the lettering for this by hand, because I knew there was no way I'd find a font that looked right. I did the contours using the pencil tool, made them white and then changed the line profile and transparency. To change the bottom of the red banner, I just used the pencil tool to edit the existing line. I copied that banner and then deleted two sides and changed the line profile to do the partial black border.I'm not sure why some of the red lettering looks blurry, but I think it's because the jpeg I created is a little low-res. I also re-sampled the color for the gradient on the background because the original color was really off.  I still need to do some textures but I'm skipping the lattice work on the red circles because the original jpeg is too low-res to see it, but I think this looks pretty awesome!!  



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