Le Chat Noir Wine

Le Chat Noir Wine - student project


there are my 3 final concepts that I am continuing to tweak and perfect. I'm leaning between the concepts 2 and 3, but would still love any input and thoughts from the class

I'm working in photoshop and am working with different brushes, but I still feel like i'm losing the hand feel from my sketches, any tips of tricks out there?

CONCEPT 1 - Marquis of cats...Le Chat Noir Wine - image 1 - student project

I wanted to experiment with textures and watercolor. I image the middle bottle shape to be gold leaf.

CONCEPT 2 - Mirror Cat Label

This is a quick rendering, but I love the idea of over printing a lable to have a high gloss on matte black. I think it's elegant and would stand out on shelves...

Le Chat Noir Wine - image 2 - student project

CONCEPT - 3 Wine Bottle Cat

Le Chat Noir Wine - image 3 - student project

2 options for type placement, not really loving either yet, but I love the idea of the jewel tone and gold leaf being involved in thos design. The wine bottle is more readable on the first, but the type gets a little lost.


All the inspiration for this project can be found on my pinterest board


Le Chat Noir Wine

Le Chat Noir Wine - image 4 - student project

Le Chat Noir Wine - image 5 - student project

Art Deco has always held a special place in my design heart and so now with the boom of the great gatsby (which I read and saw the movie) it has come back into the for front and led me to want to experiment with some hand drawn lables for a line of wines.

WINE BOTTLE INSPIRATION - Le Chat Noir Wine - image 6 - student project

I want the bottle to have high contrast and a pop of rich elegant color. The two bottles on the left side really have the consistency I'm aiming for. Similar designs, but differentiated by the colors.  I also like the use of gold again a stark black bottle.

SKETCHES - Round 1

Le Chat Noir Wine - image 7 - student project

During this round of sketches I explored mostly type options and just touched on using the cat as a design element. I want to use deco pattern if suitable.

SKETCHES - Round 2

Le Chat Noir Wine - image 8 - student project

I wanted in integrate the cat with the wine in a very marquee / mirorred style.  These are my favorite sketches so far. I am going to integrate these with some of the type styles from round 1.

This week I am going to move some of these to digital and get the rest of the lable information sorted out.

I would love any feedback people have :)

Katie Kampel

graphic designer and hand letterer