Lazy crab claws

Lazy crab claws - student project

Unfortunately I forgot to take video of my Procreate brainstorming and execution process, and am only able to share my final animated gif. Since this my first foray in animation (and the majority of my previous Procreate experience has been confined to lettering), I wanted to keep my first illustration animation simple. As a Virginian and Chesapeake Bay and Old Bay seasoning fan, a painterly crab felt right.

I tried various versions of leg movements all around the crab's body, but in the end, I felt it looked best limiting the animation to just the claw areas. If I were to do it again, I'd probably make the claw opening more dramatic, blinking eyes, and maybe add another step or two to the overall motion.

Lazy crab claws - image 1 - student project

Thanks for putting together such a fun, informative, and useful class, Libby! I'm looking forward to making so many more!

Katie Lipton
Copywriter • Graphic Designer • Lefty Letterer