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Lazy Oaf/Johnny Cupcakes

Although I was happy with my outcomes for Lazy Oaf, I want to make a design for a brand with a more graphic sensibility. I've decided to go with Johnny Cupcakes meets a winter olympic theme. 

some preparatory sketches: 

I'm tracing my drawing in illustrator but the process is frustrating me, I'm not very experienced with the program yet! Here is the update.


I've chosen to make a design for the brand 'Lazy Oaf'. I have been a fan of theirs for a long time and have always thought I could do similar work well. I am an illustrator and often draw in a similar faux-naive style which Lazy Oaf uses. I also really 'get' their humour, kitchiness and contemporary references. My work has always been sketchy and hand drawn however, not usually bold and eye-catching enough to translate well into tshirt graphics. I am doing this course to excercise my vector skills and add some more graphic work to my folio.

Some Lazy Oaf research:

I've sketched three concepts and will upload some photos from my sketchbook below. My research shows Lazy Oaf does not make a lot of(if any) t-shirts with its brand name on them, so it is a challenge to do so and still make the shirts fit in with their usual aesthetic. One of my designs is based on a symbol they use often(pizza) and will be brightly cloured like a colour wheel. The next is literally a lazy oaf whose looks are inspired by the brand's prints and some of their reblogged items on tumblr, and lastly I decided to use the 'doge' meme as a starting point for a design. This is very current and a popular but shallow bit of fun which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The meme feels like an in-joke for those in the know. for these reasons the idea crosses over with a lot of Lazy Oaf's previous designs. 

During work on this stage I thought about starting over with a new brand as Lazy Oaf does not lend itself to work at all like that for Jonny Cupcakes, Drop Dead or Skate brands, and I would like to have those styles in my folio. I would like to have made something inspired vintage design and did try this in my sketchbook for lazy oaf but anything I did seemed over-worked when considering how it would fit in with the rest of the collection.. I have decided to push on though as I recognise I should be able to work for any brand, and I can always make a t-shirt for someone else after I have done this one!

A couple of days later.. here are my worked-up illustrations:

finals - 


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