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Im actually a videographer more than a photographer, but having my own streetwear brand got me to meet Van Styles in LA Fairfax "The Seventh Letter" brand store. Which boosted me into wanting to shoot models. He had a gallery set up with Darren Miller. I actually got to meet Darren Miller as well and got his number as he lives in Ventura,CA like me. Van signed my Drone im sure he remembers that moment, i showed him my brand and first brand photoshoot i had done. At that time id had only been in photography for about 3 Months. Im now in my 6th month of photography its crazy to say everything ive heard him say in these videos ive been doing as well. I did this shoot June 16th, and signed up for the classes June 18th. I specifically signed up because it wouldnt hurt to learn more as i am a criminal justice major and never have taken classes in Filming, Photohraphy or Editing. This shoot has a lot of meaning to me because it shows Depth, Structure and Detail. The subject looks comfortable in her own skin as well looking away keeping the natural candid look. The outfit was choosen by her, I loved the lighting in the house which made the decision on choosing the bed, chair and restroom to shoot on. 

I hope everyone enjoys these pictures, i also hope to work with Van in the near future!

Check out my work on or Insta: Carlitoz14


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