"Lazy Afternoon" | Skillshare Projects

Julie Wells

Creating cheery art since 1992.



"Lazy Afternoon"

What an informative class!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself on this lazy afternoon while being snowed in.  I was inspired to do a particular recurring scene for my wallpaper design and of course, that scene HAD to include books and teacups and slippers--a few of my very favorite things!  To be honest, I was quite afraid I had completely and utterly failed the project because I decided to choose the second or "diagonal" pattern and after I cut the pieces, I truly thought I had cut it wrong.  Oh dear.  But!  After a few clicks and readjustments, I was very relieved to find that the pattern actually works.  I should have had more faith in myself. :)  So, I have included a picture below of my first wallpaper sample, and I hope it brings a smile to your face, as it has brought such a big one to mine.  Cheers!  Yours Truly, Julie <3   www.juliewellsillustration.com



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