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Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Hello Sandra,

The summer theme is a really good exercice to work on an athmosphear and not the idea of a specific place. Here is my idea of the summer.

When I saw your new exercice I thought immediatly at the Kinks' song "Lazing on a sunny afternoon". And what ? What I want to do on a lazy afternoon. I want to be lazy next to a river, on the shade of a tree, and sipping a limonade, ...

Nice summer I think...

Well... Based on the limonade and river color I made this new color palette.

At the first final I wasn't totally satisfied, so I re-started. The third final is the mixt of all the colors.

PS : I'm really sad because I have a problem with the color. When I download the project on Skillshare, everything change... The second color is a blue... Do you have an idea how to fix it ?





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