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Layout Grid Assignment: Visual Voyager Magazine

Layout Grid Assignment: Visual Voyager

I created a fictional magazine called Visual Voyager Magazine for this class assignment. I’ve chosen three photos to work with. My document setup is:

  • 612 x 792 pt
  • 36 pt for top, bottom, inside, and outside margin
  • 12 pt for the gutter
  • 12 column and 12 rows for the guides

First Layout:

The first layout composed of a full bleed image and a two column body text. Text and image is given its own separate page.


Second Layout:

On the second layout, I’ve increased the number of image. The first one on the left is cropped and framed in a way it balanced the text beneath it. It doesn’t bleed to the edge. The image on the right is full bleed, but its significance it toned down by decreasing the opacity. I’ve placed the title on top of this image rather than directly on top of the main text to create an asymmetry layout.


Third Layout:

Lastly, the third layout gives a lot of room for the image to shine. The text restrained in a narrow column mirrors the Japanese doll shown on the photo.


All photos are taken by me.


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