Laying the groundwork

Laying the groundwork - student project

I'm working to methodically develop my drawing skills, so this class is a great fit for getting familiar with hatching, and learning how it feels to do a lot of it.

I had no idea I'd collected so many drawing pens! For the pen specimens, I used a sheet from my drawing paper sketchbook. I added a couple of samples (5 short lines and a circle) to test how water affects the ink because I like to combine ink drawings with watercolor.

All but two, in the lower left, passed the waterproof test.

Laying the groundwork - image 1 - student project

For the hatching patchwork, I used the Uni-Ball Vision .7 on printer paper. In some cases I found moving the nib up and away from me worked better than always drawing it toward me, but I tried to experiment to get a feel for different ways. And it was interesting to see that there are some areas where I consistently strayed from straight and parallel.

The double-contour patches remind me of engraving which was so cool to see!

Laying the groundwork - image 2 - student project

I'm glad for this class because I don't think I would have had the discipline to practice the marks this much without it. I've done some hatching on drawings and I have a lot to learn regarding making the hatching follow the shapes I want effectively. And not look like a jumbled, confusing hatch mess ;)

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