Layerscope - "See beyond"

Layerscope - "See beyond" - student project

Layerscope is a handheld xray telescope with a lens setting that lets you control how far you can see through things. Its differentiating factor from other xray technology is this control of xray intensity. From neighborhood strolls to traveling abroad, the audience is people who like to explore. The message is: See beyond. We'll reach our audience in big cities, where there's always a lot of exploring to do. The campaign idea is to grab unsuspecting explorers (tourists or neighbors) and send them on a scavenger hunt of the city. Using the settings on the xray telescope, they'll search for clues inside landmarks, behind murals, and underground that will eventually lead them to an xray telescope that they can keep...if they can find it.

Alexis Mercado
Jr. Copywriter at VaynerMedia