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Alexandra Lazarescu

Architect, Pattern designer



Layering my business identity

Hello to you all!

This is an update, my brand is more than defined, it's out there, and really this class gave me the right starting step to just get it on the track, and the confidence that i can do it by myself. Thank you Faye!!

I am Alexandra, an architect who had time to rediscover herlself in busy and buzzing Shanghai, China of all places. I have allways been drawn to patterns, especially in furniture, but more often in clothing.

A few months back I decided to pick up my pencils and my brushes(been on and off painting for years since highschool) and also to learn the technique of linocutting and hand printing. As it turns out, I can't get enough!

Encouraged by how easy one can get things manufactered in China, but at the same time discouraged about the success rate of a small business here, I decided to prepare my return to my country.

So, one year from now, I expect to return home with an established business identity, and a line of products already made. All possible by working together with my best friend back home.

We started, I designed a collection of pillows that we plan on showcasing at some local designer fairs, I am currently on Society6 and Zazzle, and promoting myself a little trough Instagram and facebook.

What I lack is everything this course is offering: identity, mission statement, ethos, market targets.

I started with the mind dump excercise. Here it goes. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thanks guys!


As the fading suggests, the farther from the center, the more distant plans they are. Also the things that define me are less important.

My ideal (and idealised) customers. Mostly I belive young women are likely to be customers, with a higher disposable income, and some cultural openeness.



I have't really come to therms with my initial choice of brand name---Red Thread Pattern---in part because i realised later it's quite used-red thread, red pattern, the red thread etc., and in part because i think it is too long and not really that unique.



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