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Layered watercolours : Airplane + Lion

So, this was challenging!!

It was so great to see Renato paint, I wish we had more directions and a more precise idea of what we were doing for each layer (to be more autonomous). However, I learnt so much during the process! 

I don't necessarily love realistic watercolours, I enjoy more the illustrative to abstract part of the spectrum. But I love how, by learning how to be more realistic and precise, I also learn how to give more depth and personality to any of my painting. This is such a precious gift, I am so grateful! 

1. Practice : airplane

I quickly outlined the reference with my light box, using a brush pen for the outlines, and a gel pen for the shading. 

Please excuse the poor composition and lighting : I am a night time maker ;-) 

After wash 1 : 


After wash 2 :


After wash 3 : 


End result, scanned : 


My paper buckled up. I am unsatisfied by a lot of things, but still enjoy the result :) 

2 : Personal project - lion 

Here is the first application of the process. 

The process of the illustration can be found in this project.

After wash 1 : 


After wash 2 : 


I was feeling like the result didn't 'pop' enough (even it wasn't finished, it seemed to me like it should already look more layered at that time, so I added some paint here and there, and liked the result way more. 


After wash 3 : 


I liked the movement in the painting a lot, it could be more realistic, but I really like that it doesn't. 

Here is the final result, with details and scanned : 



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