Layered Masking Tape Brushes

Living in the Caribbean, I am always inspired by the little everyday things around me.  I try to see the beauty in the ordinary.

My Inspiration:

As a child I remember doing a craft project in school where we layered masking tape over bottles.  I loved the textures that were created and this gave me the inspiration for my project.

This Brush Pack includes:

*  10 Handcrafted Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes

*  3 Formats:

- .ABR - .PNG- .EPS

*  Created in PSCS2

*  600 ppi

*  2500 px max Brush Sizes

Great for digital artwork, scrapbooking, creating textured backgrounds for photographs, Illustrations and more.  Includes ready-use Frames that are great for borders, framing artwork, photos, text etc.

The complexity of layering that can be achieved with these textures is amazing. 

I'm sure you'll find many uses for these brushes in your projects.

So have fun with them!


I have also created some Illustrator brushes with the Layered Masking Tape that I also intend to put together my marketing materials for.

I've been wanting to learn how to make Photoshop Brushes for a long time as I have so many ideas!  This class was just what I needed.  In fact, I think I had way too much fun coming up with ideas! 

Thanks for sharing your expertise Gerren!


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