Layer by Layer

Layer by Layer - student project

Another project I loved, and I'm determined to challenge myself! Here's to an amazing and inspiring teacher—thank you, Liz


Layer by Layer - image 1 - student project

Something wearable — what could make a better hat than wearing a fluffy cat on your head?


Layer by Layer - image 2 - student project

Something drinkable.

This took me a long while to figure out! I had this idea in mind of only two hand forming a cup for the tea to be poured in. Eventually I changed my perspective, and what you see here is a compromise — the message contained ("Give / allow yourself to receive") is very important to me in these times where almost everyone seems to be in danger of running empty (myself included). So maybe the holding is equally important?


Layer by Layer - image 3 - student project


Something habitable.

This is a street scene from the village I live in at present in Germany. The cat in the foreground was not intended to be so prominent, but as I placed her into the illustration, I liked how much depth and perspective was immediately created. So here she is — daydreaming. 


Layer by Layer - image 4 - student project

This is an image of my daughter with her Icelandic horse Baldur — something rideable ;-)


Layer by Layer - image 5 - student project


Something growable.

I combined my finished illustration with a font I created in one of Liz's other classes on Skillshare — I think it adds another interesting layer?!


Layer by Layer - image 6 - student project


Something edible.

Six illustrations complete — I could have gone on forever, and I probably will .... Thank you, Liz!! You keep inspiring me!