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Susan Harrington

Lavender Grower and Artist



Lavender Perspectives

Thank you Christian, for giving me a greater appreciation from behind the lens!

Lavender High - Taken from the roof of our home. The garden is a 40-foot labyrinth with 150 lavender plants surrounded by evergreen huckleberry bushes.

Lavender Low reveals the weeds that lurk below the fragrant stems of the lavender.

Lavender Low-2 cropped to emphasize the patterns of the stems from below the plant.

Lavender Selfie is my favorite because of the lighting that was created by having an umbrella over the fresh-cut bundles. (This was not intentional for the photo, it was set up to protect the lavender from the sun. But I discovered that the lighting intensified the color of the bundles.) The camera was placed on a mini, flexible tripod and I ran like the dickens!

Lavender Tool catches the reflection of the garden in a mirror that was hung on a fence. I loved catching the birdhouse in the background and the birdbath in the middle  ground.


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