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Mallory Haack

visual guru & experience designer



Lavender Cohort Logo

So I am currently attending a UX/UI web design bootcamp, and one of our first assignments was to brand our cohort and create a logo that embodies who we are as a group. Since I will be with this group of people for 12 straight weeks, 6 days a week, they are pretty much my family until it's over haha. So here's my "family's" crest.

Our bootcamp, DESIGNATION, is a combination of user experience/user interface design and front end development, so I wanted to capture that with the pen tool icon and a coding symbol. I included a representation of our location, Chicago, and then what our instructors harp at us every day... "DON'T LEAVE BEFORE NINE".

Our specific class group title is "Lavender Cohort", so I thought that would be a good opportunity to use lavender sprigs as the laurels and then bring in that color to different elements.

Let me know what you think!!!



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