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Laux Family Crest

First off, thank you Mr. Draplin, not only for teaching this class but for helping me find enjoyment in my work again.  I had been in rut for quite a while doing graphic design at my 9-5, and I had no motivation to better my skills or do any work apart from work.  This class helped me find that passion again, and this has been a ton of fun to work on.  

With that out of the way, on to my project.  From the start there were 3 things I knew I had to include in my crest.  German heritage, beer, and my family's STRONG farming background.

Here is my very ROUGH sketch.  I depend quite a bit on my illustrator/photoshop skills to help me where my drawing skills cannot.


Early drafts of my crest.  Wasn't completely sure on a shape/colors at this point.  As you can see I decided to forego including the flag in the actual crest and tried to go for a more German feel through my colors.


After many many revisions, this is where I have landed thus far. Overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome so far.  However, I still have a few changes in mind.  First and foremost being the cross.  It's currently a placeholder until I can think of a fitting way to honor my grandparents with that quadrant.  In the meantime, I've started to grow fond of it, and if I cannot think of anything to replace it with, I might consider keeping it.  Other than that, I'm quite proud of my wheat laurels and the icons I've come up with.  I was having troubles with waves in front of the arch until using the method Aaron did, and now I'm quite pleased with them.  I did a few other versions on t shirts with different colors, however this color scheme is the only one that seemed to fit the theme I was going for.


Any and all feedback is appreciated.  I love how this looks, but I know I can make it better.  Thank you guys in advance.  And Aaron thank you once again for helping me get my passion back.


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