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Lauren's Resume Re-Design

Oh my. This class is much needed.  I am an artist who has struggled with finding my creative identity, in terms of marrying my skill set with a career.  I’ve consistently made art since graduating, but it wasn’t until recently I felt a call towards making a career out of being an illustrator. I am considering going back to school to hone my abilities and take a technical/mastery leap. But in the interim, I want to get more projects under my belt and to start my creative career takeover, rather than dawdle (doodle?) around the edges of it. I’ve done cover & poster art for authors, theaters and bands and loved it. Most recently, I joined a group that made a cool comic book anthology.  More of this please!  However, I have yet to put all of this into a resume.

Work identity is pretty much split down the middle. I've attempted to fuse two worlds that don't quite mix in the past, so now I have my regular admin ‘work’ resume and my disorganized ‘artist’ resume:

Before Admin Resume:


...etc. Boredom in a document!

Before Illustration/Artist Resume:


Not too happy with it - odd little showcase of an illustration I did. 

Both need a revamp. (I need a revamp!) I'd like to use this opportunity to have professional documents that speak to my creative goals, in either realm.

So like I said: This class - much needed. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.


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