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Lauren's Projects - student project

Lauren's Projects - image 1 - student projectStyle this Form - Lesson 18: Might have oversold this one ;P but really enjoying the class!

Lauren's Projects - image 2 - student project

Style this Table - Lesson 53: Took me a while to figure out how to increase the table head and foot cell height, but pleased with how it turned out. Loved the font referencing trick as well as the hover function as shown for John Doe's cell. I also learned how to color every other row, for ease of reading. I know I'm a little heavy-handed on color choices, but I think it's still legible :) Thanks for a great course!

Lauren's Projects - image 3 - student project Use What You Learned - Lesson 94: I think the biggest takeaway from this project was go for the big wins first. I was getting bogged down and discouraged so I changed plans and watched the solution videos first and that helped guide me back to simplicity. Happy I kept with it!