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Lauren Portrait Project

Hi, my name is Lauren, I'm 17 and from Scotland. I draw alot and i have been wanting to do some sort of art lessons. So i was excied when a journal came up for online art classes at a great price. Ended up buying them immediatly.

I've watched through all the4 videos and took notes. I also did a couple of doodles to practice but i plan on doing a proper project. I just need to get my printer to work as i want to do the measuring and making sure i get all the proportions right, which is what i struggle with most. 

So this is a quick drawing I did after doing the refrences part. 

Then i did a couple of the modules writing down the tips and drawing the little pieces to remind myself in the future how to draw faces. This drawing was in the tutorial and i wasn't planning on putting in so much detail but i quite liked it apart from the hair. 

This is another drawing I did but i put a put more effort into trying to get all the proportions to look right. Still need to do alot of practice to improve but my camera does no justice for my drawings.  


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