Lauren Hostetter / Fine Art and Graphic Design Portfolio

Personal portfolio for showing work to potential clients

Message to convey:
I'm a trained artist and designer specializing in work for small companies, nonprofits and fellow artists.

Content on portfolio item page
   Name of piece*
   Date completed*
   Images of piece (min. 3 for fine art, 5 for design)*
   Description of piece*
   Visualization of process
   Type of work
   Collaborators' names (if any)
   Client/employer name*
   Goals achieved or exceeded
   Social share buttons*
   Links to similar pieces
   Link to home page*
   Links to previous and next pieces

Content groupings:
   A. Name of piece  /  Date completed  /  Type of work  /  Client/employer name
   B. Images of piece  /  Visualization of process  /  Social share buttons
   C. Description of piece  /  Goals achieved or exceeded  /  Collaborators
   D. Link to home page  /  Links to previous and next pieces  /  Links to similar pieces

The below wireframe shows the typical layout for a single portfolio item:

Site map:


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