Laura's influences

Laura's influences - student project

Laura's influences - image 1 - student project


Beryl the Peril was a great influence during my childhood and gave me some ideas that got me into a lot of trouble, I have to say. I can still speak in Rupert Bear rhyme, which stuck for some reason. The Famous Five and Secret Seven inspired a lot of adventures and Dr Suess was mind-bendingly wonderful. The original illustrations for Wind in the Willows are wonderful, but I love the detail in Inga Moore's work.

I work in horticulture and have never really needed to use computers. I only purchased a decent one two years ago as I feel a change in direction will be needed as I don't intend to retire and play golf for 30 years.

I  miss my drawing board and parallel motion but can see the potential of all the art and graphics on computers but it's a sharp learning curve and having just learnt 'Save to web' in PS, I see they have now removed it in the update so I hope this image serves as I found a way round on Youtube.