Laura's As-Yet-Unnamed Handmade Goods Shop

Laura's As-Yet-Unnamed Handmade Goods Shop - student project

My wife makes fabric flowers and sews together all kinds of neat stuff. She's always making nursing covers, table runners, napkins, and curtains for people.

We're planning to offer some of her work on Etsy (or somewhere; Etsy seems like the place to go to sell this kind of stuff though) and I'd like to take this opportunity to do a little branding and create a tag to put on her wares. We haven't thought about a name for her shop yet, but we'll have to make that a priority to finish soon so that I can get started on project two.

The moodboard shows a lot of work from Fuzzco. Anytime I see their work I think, "Yep. They nailed it." I'm torn between the elegant simplicity that characterizes much of their work and the stunning complexities of the flourishes and filigree found on older label design.

Laura's As-Yet-Unnamed Handmade Goods Shop - image 1 - student project

To my peer reviewers: I have some sketches I'll be scanning in later today, hopefully.

Ryan Cerbus
Graphic Designer