Laura from Maine

Hi! My name is Laura, I'm 25, from Portland, Maine. This is my first Skillshare project. I look forward to getting some feedback on my work--criticism is especially appreciated. :)

I am new to hand lettering, having spent the past month or so working into it. 

I chose to use my first name for this project after some hesitation because I didn't think it was the most interesting collection of letters, but I decided to take it as a challenge; besides, it will be cool to have a done-up script version of my name.

I'm trying to follow Martina's directions as exactly as possible here.

After experimenting with pens I knew I wanted to use an ink brush pen for the initial sketches because it has a bit of an edgy style. For writing style I kept as close to my handwriting as possible and made quick marks to preserve the natural flow. I did three pages of writing my name before choosing one I wanted to improve:




You can see how I changed from the 'R' (which I naturally write with my handwriting) to a more elegant lowercase script 'r' that I wanted but took a while to get it right. I stuck with a simpler design without too much flourish. I ended up choosing a design on the third page, the one above the circled one, and then scanned and isolated the image:


Next I scaled the image to a larger size and printed it out to trace in the next stage:


I definitely want to change the 'r' to give it a loop so it doesn't look so much like an 's'. But that is for the next stage.

Do you think I chose the right image to work with?

Thanks for checking my project out!


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