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Laura Olsen Events - Brand Strategy




FINAL PROJECT - September 25 2013

Objective - What does the brand want to achieve? 

To be the among the top event planners and stylists in planning and designing beautiful, intimate, unique events celebrating life’s personal milestones.

Target - Who is the brand trying to reach? Demographic and mindset.

The wedding or event enthusiast who understands the importance of design and personality for an event but doesn’t have the time, skill or desire to physically implement the vision on their own. They’ve dreamt of an intimate affair with their closest friends and family with great food and wine, town cars rather than stretch limos, beautiful blooms, and personalized touches to make their event stand out from the rest. They are genuine in their actions and words, family oriented and confident in themselves and their decisions. They listen to their gut when making decisions. They want every guest to know they are appreciated and want to spend quality time with those who mean the most to them.

They’re not social climbers looking for an over the top affair to impress 200 of their “closest friends”.

Insight/Issue - What real world problem does the brand want to solve?

It’s rare that someone would be able to commit themselves to planning a wedding full-time. Most people don’t have hours to spend searching for the perfect venue, negotiating the details. It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed and most people don’t know where to start, how to divide up their budget between vendors, and most commonly, don’t realize how many decisions there are to make until they are in the thick of it.

Key Idea / Solution - What is the brand idea that answers the Issue, expressed in a clear and compelling statement?

To present intelligent, viable and personalized solutions, alleviatingclients from the stress of event planning, allowing them be fully present and able to enjoy this amazing time in their lives.

Supporting Facts About the Brand - Facts about the brand that support this idea.

We HELP our clients to plan events that are true to themselves rather than planning a generic event FOR them.

We don’t take on more than we can handle, which allows us to be able to pay special attention to each guest.

We dig deep to discover things about each client to incorporate into the event as personalized details.

We design events that are modern/up with current trends but always come back to being timeless in that looking back in 20 years, they won’t feel overly outdated.

We care about each clients reason for celebrating and genuinely share in their excitement.

We plan elements of surprise for the guests that make each event stand out from the norm.

Personality - Words that define your brand’s tone.

Personal - Detailed - Timeless - Unique - Genuine

Mood Board - A visual expression of your brand (textures, colours, etc.) 

See above.


LAYING THE GROUNDWORK - September 24 2013

In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

  • styling and planning intimate affairs (approximately 100 guests and under)
  • providing an effective and efficient decision making process for my clients whether it be for a theme or colour scheme or securing vendors
  • designing events that are a true representation of my clients through personal touches
  • making my clients feel like they are the only ones

The people who love your brand the most care about...

  • an intimate affair with their closest friends and family
  • details that make the event truly personal
  • being able to enjoy this time in their lives, which is why they have hired me to take the stress away

Your brand is not...

  • impersonal
  • rushed
  • ostentatious
  • greedy
  • disingenuous / dishonest

Above all else, your brand stands for...

Celebrating life’s personal milestones through creative design decisions and understanding each clients’ personal goals for their wedding or event. Planning WITH my clients as opposed to planning FOR them.


RESEARCH FINDINGS - September 22 2013

I ended up asking a mixture of questions about how people felt about my business specifically, but also to find out answers to what I am always curious to know about couples. 


  1. What words come to mind when you first think of LOE?
  2. What would you say my strengths are?
  3. What changes would most improve LOE?
  4. How do you think LOE differs from the competition?
  5. How do you think LOE is the same as the competition?
  6. What originally peaked your interest about LOE?
  7. What made (or work make) you most nervous about the wedding planning process?
  8. What advice would you give to your newly engaged self if you were to go back in time (or if you've been through the wedding of another person!)
  9. Whether your own wedding or assisting with a friend or family member, what did you find was the most surprising part of the entire wedding planning process?
  10. What do you think the most important consideration in planning a wedding should be?

What I've Learned So Far

I'm actually delivering what I thought would be and IS important to people. Most of the responses to the questions specifically about my business were fairly close to what I expected, though I wasn't prepared to to see how consistent in their compliments they were, which in itself is a huge compliment, instilling that absolutely am delivering what I set out to do; being helpful, creative, organized, friendly and making each client feel like they are my only client.

I should stop doubting myself so much. People clearly see and value my creativity, advice and service. I am fully on par, and in many areas exceeding the expectations, and I DO belong in this industry just as much as anyone else.

My time and services are valuable and it is ok for me to charge accordingly. It's incredible to hear that people don't think I'm money-hungry, which is so true. I'm not in this business to rip people off and charge and arm and a leg just because it's their wedding. That said, I do want to make sure I am being paid accordingly for what I do, allowing me to grow as a business and eventually work full time at this. I'm not looking to be a milionaire, I just want to make enough that I can work full-time at this and have a little extra cash to play with on the side!

Take extra steps to find out how my clients like to be organized. Do they just want emails with to-do lists? Do they want a full overview of the tasks ahead of time that can be assigned step by step through an online project tracking tool, etc.? I was so greatful for the advice that a tool to help communicate what is needed of my clients would be beneficial. Just before this comment came through, I had already started working on solutions for this, so this is a helpful reminder that I am on the right track.


GETTING STARTED - August 26 2013

Even before I launched my event planning and styling business, I had a strong idea of what (or who) I wanted my brand to be. I knew I wanted it to be authentic, really true to who I am, what I believe and what I like and blending this with each of my clients'. I knew I wanted to work with clients who had the same desire to celebrate life's personal milestones in timeless, but fun and unique ways.

I am excited that I now have the real-time event planning and styling experience to pair with what I have built for my brand so far and how I want (and think) it's perceived. To get feedback from past and current clients or friends and family on how they view my brand is terrifying, but also extremely exciting.


I am finding the question prep the hardest part; struggling with what kinds of questions to ask in a way that leaves it open to receive the most honest feedback but while still encouraging people to give me the type of answer that I'm looking for, if I've even explained that correctly. I am also struggling to find ways to ask a negative question in a more positive light (ie. "What would you say my weaknesses are?" is really scary and depressing and I worry some might not be most honest.).

My dream is to only offer planning services to those clients who book styling services, but I know I'm not there yet and this will take some time to build, so finding questions that fuel both past clients' experiences and the expectation of the future is difficult. 

I'm probably over thinking all of this. That's often a quality that works against me.

So, with all of that, the questions still need much improvement, some by adding some multiple choice answer options, but here's where I am so far:

  1. What are the things you found most helpful about your experience with Laura Olsen Events?
  2. What would you say my strengths are?
  3. What changes would most improve Laura Olsen Events?
  4. When you think of Laura Olsen Events, what are the first words that come to mind?
  5. How do you think Laura Olsen Events differs from the competition?
  6. How do you think Laura Olsen Events is the same as the competition?
  7. If you were describing Laura Olsen Events to others, what would you say and would you recommend it?
  8. What originally peaked your interest about Laura Olsen Events?
  9. What made you most nervous about the wedding planning process before you hired Laura Olsen Events?
  10. Now that you’re married, what piece of advice would you give yourself if you could talk to your newly engaged self?
  11. What did you find surprised you the most about the entire wedding planning experience?
  12. What do you think the most important consideration in planning a wedding should be?
  13. If you had the opportunity to go back and replan your wedding, what would you do differently this time round?
  14. Was the service you received with Laura Olsen Events, better than you expected it to be, worse than you expected it to be, or about what you expected it to be?


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