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I started my original branding as a photographer, but having been a graphic design freelancer for much longer (I never bothered to brand myself), and not really enjoying the idea of being a family photographer, I decided to merge my branding with my career and go freelance.

During that process, I choose to rebrand myself from the original design created by the amazing Sara at Salted Ink Digital Design.

View original branding here 

There are two sections to my design company that I have created - one is my main branding design/graphic design, and another is a stationery/Etsy shop that I have plans to launch in the next 6 months. I kept both of those goals in mind so that I wouldn't neccesarily need to rebrand later, but perhaps just expand my current brand (or just simply add a secondary color set for the Etsy shop!).

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Laura James is a self-taught graphic designer and wordpress template creator. The business began in 2004 as a stationery design company and has grown over the years to primarily focus on graphic design.


#1: To create a brand development studio that targets companies with less than 10 employees. Particularly creative and start up companies.

#2: To create an established line of stationery products and wall art that appeals to the modern, feminine, small business supporter.

target audiences

#1:Primarily female start-up companies with an understanding of the importance of quality branding and online presence.

#2: Small business supporters that still appreciate written correspondence. High income women with a unique style + modern elegance matching that of LJS. 


With a keen eye for colors and design, LJS uses her years of experience to create high quality designs that appeal to the modern creative.

distinguishing characteristics

Also offers photography and photographic styling

Over 10 years of graphic design experience in the creative industry

HTML/CSS coding + custom Wordpress Template design

creative considerations

Must keep a tropical theme, including the current flamingo brand mark

Elements must reflect design skill and personality.


Modern tropical with a creative flair. Keeping the sophistication and clean look that has been used in previous branding pieces.














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