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Launching the Story And Social Media Presence of ReferBright

ReferBright's Story: 

The Internet is scary place for health and wellness practicioners. Few health and wellness professionals understand the importance of an online prescense. Up until recently, this field has been primarily driven by word-of-mouth. That's changing and it's changing quickly. Many therapists, orthopedists, life coaches and yoga teachers don't even have a website. And if they do, they're JV. So some of them make a half-assed effort to list themselves on Yelp or other referal-based sites.

Successful online visibility requires hours and hours and hours of time spent filling out profiles on free and paid referal sites. Keeping these sites updated takes even more time and ain't nobody got time for that shit. So a yoga teacher and a former google employee joined forces to create a subscription service to simplify this whole "get found on the internet" game. Subscribers pay a monthly fee and complete a ReferBright profile. ReferBright uses the information on this profile to keep our clients' shit updated on all the applicable referal sites so that legit leads may be generated. Legit leads = more clients = more money = thriving health and wellness business.

This rules because health and wellness is important. I'm not talking about the standard physician, here. I'm talking about that yoga teacher who needs more private clients or that therapist who wants to cut through the noise and get found in a google search. The little guy. I am in charge of social media for this start-up and I understand this struggle in a very personal way. The entire foundation of this start-up is based on helping people.

As a social media manager, my jabs are sharing articles, ideas and blogs for better time management and digital marketing as it pertains to the wellness professional. My right hook will be: now let us really help you and buy our product. 


A helpful, straightforward jab: A link to a blog post (of ours) that explains why Google+ account can be a misunderstood, and yet essential marketing tool for health and wellness professionals. The photo would be a graphic including the Google+ brand image and maybe some humor text about "what gives?"

A humble, human jab: A picture of a busy calendar, or maybe even a staffer looking stressed as shit ("Tatum is losing her mind today trying to keep up, what works for you when you feel like you're going to self-desruct as a busy health and wellness professional?"), asking readers what their favorite time management tricks are.

Right Hook: To learn more about how we can help you streamline, grow and get a trackable return via your online prescense, call _______ or e-mail ____________ to schedule your free consultation.


I love instagram. I know that you are only allowed 30 hashtags per photo and you can't re-tag. I include myself in photo competitions and the people I follow are a small collection of people who make my feed look like a gallery of exquisite beauty. No food or stupid selfies in my feed. 

For ReferBright, however, the approach is much different. How do you take pictures of health and wellness professionals building their online presence? You don't. Moving forward, it would be best I think to populate the page in a way that makes it look well-traveled, but much of my time should be spent following/liking and interacting with who I perceive to be our customers. That, along with hashtags, will get people to our site. The photos we should post, should include tips on wellness, time management, inspirational quotes, etc.


I hate pinterest. I am the demographic that should love it. I hate it as a user. It's materialistic and creates this "if only i could have this then things would be better" mentality. I basically fight against that as a yoga teacher. Additionally, many of the yogis on pinterest are posting selfies. Ew. 

So due to this disinterest in Pinterest, it's been hard for me to develop a plan for ReferBright. I don't even think we have a page yet. I created a different marketing theme for each day of the week, so we could have a consistent message for our readers. I was thinking of making boards that align with those themes, so:

  • Marketing Tools
  • Time Saving Tips
  • Friendly Follow-Ups
  • Self Care
  • Status ideas

This is super basic and full of a lot of jabs, but if planned well, the posts could link to blog posts on our site, of which could turn the visitors into customers? I feel like I need more feedback or ideas in this area. 



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