Launching my first print shop - Grel

Launching my first print shop - Grel  - student project

Hi everybody! So right now i'm on my 1st step of selling and starting a print shop... Currently i'm opening an online shop so I can set up some various prints that I selected. Even though this was the part that I was scared the most i'm really excited about showing new stuff and thinking what things could work for this project. 

The platform that I used was tictail, i like the design, and it works a lot for designers and illustrators that want to start selling their work. (also planning on running an etsy shop)

In the future i'd love to sell hand painted ceramic objects, and more objects directed to home decoration, like garden pots, jewlery boxes, iphone cases, notebooks and stuff like that...! but right now i'm starting with prints, and maybe some stickers! so I can see what happens. :) 

*What currently makes me scared and a little bit confused: Shipping (international shipping mostly) packaging and the whole logistics of this process (i've never put any of this into practice) so it might be a challenge!

I used for this display one of Amarilys mockups, (thanks!) and designed a simple welcome banner for the shop so I can post it on my instagram as well.

Let me know what you think, i've already seen some cool shops up here!

Here's the link -> 



Launching my first print shop - Grel  - image 1 - student project

Aly Gabriela Pirela
Creative Designer / Illustrator