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Helen Nippress

Freelance designer & illustrator



Launching a freelance career

My name is Helen Nippress and I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I chose the name "Hello Pickle" as my surname is hard to spell. 

I love colour and the joy that it can bring to the daily grind. 

I prefer to work "with people" rather than "for a client" as creativity should be a collaboration no matter what your targets are. 

I think a sense of playfulness is important, as it helps a message stick - so I try to bring that in wherever possible (hence the name!).

My website is, I also have @LittleHels on Twitter (branded as Hello-pickle but started off as a personal account before I went freelance) and Pickleddrawings in instagram (although that's not got anything on it atm, I'm working on it!)


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