Launch Yourself

Launch Yourself - student project

My Name is Ankan Dutta Gupta and I am an aspiring Entrepreneur. 


My core theme would be 'Skill and Personal Development'. Everybody wants to learn new things once in a while-which is good. But, most tends to forget that it starts from our head.

I have chosen this theme because I am an introvert and I don't feel like I have any passion. This is why I started to explore many things. From Coding to Analytics to art and even marketing. Doing so, I discovered that there are a lot of scopes for learning new things and a lot of influencers don't point towards that.

I don't know whether the theme I have chosen is correct or not but for now I am going to pursue it.

As a Beginner, I have a lot of insecurities. From creating good content to managing time. I am working on strategies that will not burn me down but will keep my content both engaging and valuable.

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