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Latte for One - student project

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Essentials, Travel, Roses

I decided to take a snapshot of my journey to this hidden gem located in Soho, NY. I am not from the area; so when I had the opportunity to visit NY this past Friday, I made an effort to visit Matchabar, home of the Matcha Rose Latte. You experience levels of sensation with each sip. First, a hit of matcha (bitter taste for those who are unfamiliar). Second, the intense aroma of rose, which subtly affects the flavor of the matcha because as we know, we not only eat with our sense of taste. We also eat with our eyes and our nose. And then finally, the smooth and creamy taste of the latte. I love journeying throughout cities and discovering unique ways of incorporating rose flavors. Matchabar definitely did not disappoint :) 



As you probably guessed, the objects I took a picture of are important to me: Rose flavored beverages, my phone, my headphones, my camera, and my belongings in my bag. These are pretty much all I need to keep me happy in a number of ways while I am away from home :) 



I love traveling and trying new things! These pictures would not have been possible if I had not traveled outside of my hometown :( 



Ummm well, I love roses haha So why not make a post or picture highlighting it?


I hope you all enjoyed my pictures! Please please please send me recommendations on how to improve my shots :) I am very much a beginner, so any help would be greatly appreciated! 


Full disclosure: These pictures were taken fairly quickly because I was on a tight schedule... I unfortunately did not have time to line up my pictures, consider lighting too much, edit it, or take pictures as I was drinking it :( Sorry for the poor quality!