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Latinas Unidas

I jumped in on this project a little late but I thought I would post anyway!

I am part of a club at my university called Latinas Unidas which translates to United Latinas. It is a club that focuses on empowering Latin women on my campus while also creating a community where students of similar backgrounds can create a space to talk about their college experiences. I had actually started on creating a logo and thought I was finished until I came across this tutorial. This is what my logo looked like before. I could not get the desired texture and I knew a lot more could be done with it but I wasn't sure how to push it further. I played off the word "United" by connecting the L and the U. I also decided to go with this script because it reminded me of vintage Mexican branding I see on many of the food products I buy. 


I wish I had my original sketches because I had a ton. This logo has not been worked on in a while but I thought I would revive it after I got inspiration from everyone else who has submitted to this course! 


This tutorial was very informative and fun! It really helped me push my design further. I still want to maybe redo some of my letters like the letter "n" but don't really know how to go about that. Some feedback would be very much appreciated! 



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