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Laterbox - For procrastinators who want to be productive

The startup Idea is to make a web app for procrastinators who want to be more productive.
It will be very useful for people who require to work on a computer for long hours.
People already know that they should focus, plan and utilise their time more effectively...but they just can not get into the habits that will make them do it daily.

Hand-holding. Everybody knows productivity methods, apps and also know what they need to do.
Laterbox will be hand-holding each of its customers so that they actually get into the good habits.
Like a real coach, but automated.

1. Reaching these people and communicating the idea
2. Creating a friendly communication tone.
3. Collecting Payments globally.

A simple (free) app built and being used by 3k+ people and getting feedback from people.
check for more.
Working really hard to get the 'pro' version out.

Number of paying customers. The payments collected as subscriptions ($20 an year) will be the key metric.
Current number of paying customers = zero, as the paid plan is being cooked.


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