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Late to the Party Creature Creation

HAha I am just finally getting to this while I think most folks in my class are done!

I apologize for that, live has been hectic and such, but any I plan on looking at everyone's cool stuff! Also since I have no idea how this site works and such...and if I do something wrong please forgive me and tell me please.

ANYWAY, I tried out with the shapes idea with squiggly lines and such since I don't have a working tablet at the moment. 

The bottom two on the top image where the first ones I made, but I didn't really get a good feeling from them, then the top one I started liking a lot, and drew a random idea that I got while finishing it about a moth cat.

I then wanted to get a better feel for them, as well as a better idea on what real life stuff I would need for them for reference.

So um, if anyway is still hanging around here and has any tips or ideas, or something feel free to tell me?

I'll be editing this as I go along cause I think that is how its done. ;w;''


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