Paula Morgan

Print-maker and would- be illustrator



Late Summer


I have decide to change my project. I realised that going back to a past project was a big mistake! I am taking this course in order to move forward and change my creative processes. I have been stuck in the mud of my own doubt and fear for too long. 

Following Bonnies advice, I picked up my camera and went into my garden. Even in September there is still so much wonderful colour and interest and I really enjoyed finding things to photographed.

I am enthused and excited and I am looking forward to creating my first mood board.


This is the colour pallette I have created for my design. I think it has a really end of summer feel without being automnal.


This is my final design.

I have really enjoyed this course.Boonie you are a great teacher.

I had a few problems to overcome such as working in Illustrator CS2 - no blob brush,no recolour - but it all worked out OK in the end. This isn't really 'my style' but I have learnt so many valuable techniques, that I can use in myown work.

Thank you Bonnie and goodluck fellow designers


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