Late Night Haberdashery

Late Night Haberdashery - student project

Submitted Version:

Late Night Haberdashery - image 1 - student project

For this idea I wanted to create tension and mystery in an otherwise banal situation like "being at a store after closing time." For composition I wanted to create an oval of visual direction with the man trying on the hat and the woman in back as focal points (unknowns), while the shadow of the hats sign and "Tiny" the cashier (knowns) act to add context to the shot.

2nd Draft:Late Night Haberdashery - image 2 - student project

Here is a 1st Draft of the shot trying to figure out visual flow.

Late Night Haberdashery - image 3 - student project


Updated my final assignment after some great feedback!

Late Night Haberdashery - image 4 - student project

All comments greatly appreciated!