Late Easter Eggs

Late Easter Eggs - student project

Wow, this was some class :). Actually I started to watch it last week, but was overwhelmed with all the different eggs, so I decided to try the wood class first and I think it was a good decision. For Anyone who is thinking about taking this class: Please know, that you will need a lot of time...I think I needed about 5 hours - with watching, exercises and painting the eggs. And I was surprised how hard it is to shape an egg so that it looks like an egg. But enough said - heres my exercise sheet:

Late Easter Eggs - image 1 - student project

Like always Sharon picked great exercises. It was the perfect start. Painting the eggs required a lot of colormixing and I couldn't get all the mixes right, but I tried :).

Late Easter Eggs - image 2 - student project

Even though I don't like working with masking fluid  the indigo egg is my favorite. I just love the color combination and dots - I love dots :). Thanks Sharon - I have to repeat myself: This was a great class and I learned a lot. Looking forward to your next one.

Lenna Heide
Watercolor-lover, Crafter, Councelor