Nicola Rowe

Artist & illustrator



Late 1980's Childhood filled with pattern & colour

Hello everyone! I found this class really interesting and a great way of looking at what 'inspires' us as adults, prob inspired us at kids too.

So my influence map has a lot of bright colours, pattern, shapes and textures on.

In my household as a kid we had two tv's, one colour that had only had 3/4 channels and the other tv was a small black and white one with a doggy wire aerial. It was rare that we got to watch any kids tv as my dad was usually watching something, so we had to keep ourselves busy in other ways.

For me this was playing in the garden, or my friends garden (which was BIG or certainly seemed big as a child), or I would be colouring away in my colouring book, picking what colours to use next. Needless to say, i now love bright and bold colours, shapes and patterns and use these in my own art work now (no surprise!).


My favourite game as s kid was the MB game 'Perfection', which seemed really hard to start with, but I loved the challenge of it, and after a while I managed to memorise where all the shapes went so I could quickly put them back before the buzzer went off.

And then there was the MB game Fashion Wheel. Another great pattern filled game to play with, where you created your own clothes with the pattern templates available. Pure joy.....

Thank you Christine for another great class! Keep them coming!


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