LastPoem - poetry reader

LastPoem - poetry reader - student project

LastPoem will be a App exclusive for poetry reading. In my experience as a poet and a reader of poetry, I have found critical problem in the distribution, reading experience and sharing format for poetry books. Poetry have a special format compared with others literature forms. The poem needs a special arrangement in space and time to be understood. Poems themselves are interactive devices that carry a message for the reader. The actual ebook format and Apps don't give a good experience for reading poetry. At the same time, poets don't have a channel to distribute their books, receive feedback from readers neither give a  better format for their poems. A good CMS and eStore is missing.  The LastPoem app for iPhone will be a key part for achieve this goal. Poetry is all about designing a reading experience. The solid and constant crowd around poetry is waiting for this improvement.

Ernesto Espinoza

Interaction Designer