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Last Night In Twisted River


I decided to redesign the cover for John Irving's 'Last night in twisted river.' This is the original cover, it is a photo of the tree outside John Irving's writing cabin which the main character also writes in.  


Here is a quick description: 

“The young Canadian, who could not have been more than fifteen, had hesitated too long.”

So begins John Irving’s twelfth novel,  Last Night in Twisted River.  In 1954, in the cookhouse of a logging and sawmill settlement in northern New Hampshire, an anxious twelve-year-old boy mistakes the local constable’s wife for a bear.  Both the twelve-year-old and his father become fugitives, forced to run from Coos County—to Boston, to southern Vermont, to Toronto—pursued by the implacable constable.  Their lone protector is a fiercely libertarian logger, once a river driver, who befriends them. In a story spanning five decades, Last Night in Twisted Riverdepicts the recent half-century in the United States as “a living replica of Coos County, where lethal hatreds were generally permitted to run their course.”

This is a very detailed book that tackles many themes (so may have set myself a difficult task). The themes I took from the book were: 

Friendship - The character they leave in Twisted River spends his whole live trying to protect his friend and son. 

Running away from your past and it catching up with you, the book has a sense of inevitability about it. 

Accidents and innocence.

Writing - this book is the most autobiographical of Irving's. 

And time - the book spans 50 years. 

These are my first sketches. 


These are a few of the ideas I decided to create designs for. 

I decided to focus on the beard of the Ketchum character as it is mentioned a lot and as protector of the family I wanted it to symbolise the role of look out on the front cover, the second cover is meant to be a log drive made up of old vintage postcards of the Maine area - this idea focuses on how the Ketchum character would write to the family over the years. The skillet cover is simple the object used to accidently kill in the first part of the book. The next cover is focusing on the ice that role plays in the book (the main characters mum died falled though the ice) and lastly this is the most literal of my designs with the last night depicted on the cover. 


I decided to take the beard and postcard idea further. 

On the back of the cover I drew another important character's braid that is also important to the plot. I quite like it but not sure it captures the novel. 


This other cover is a better fit I think. This one focuses on the postcard idea of Ketchum keeping in touch with the family while theyre on the run. I also enjoyed using vintage postcards for the imagery and hand written font. 



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