Last Minute Sunset

Last Minute Sunset - student project

After missing one of the sickest sunset I ever seen the other day because I've broke one of my lensIe.. I decided to hike in the mountain to get another sunset with a bit of luck I get this one !

Why I choose this place, I was looking to get a shot with the lake near this place , but I was fully in the shadow so I went were the light was and hike on this little path ( in the unknown) to be more higher and get a almost full view of the valley with the sky.

I Were short with the time and the sunset was on , So i tried to be fast , Just with my tripod and my wide angle... Run Run Run to find the good place ahah.

The 1st plan was really dark but I set my exposure to get small detail and I though it could be change after this Lightroom I just add a graded filter and add a bit of saturation to correct the flat color profils of the Dslr.



 Full quality here on 500px :


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Next photos on progress :D Feedbacks are welcome ! :D 

I hope you enjoy & thaanks chris for this amazing class and your inspiring work !